small jigsaw water jet cut with different materials

Virtually any material can be water jet cut

thick steel part waterjet cut

Accurate parts cut in thick & hard material

very small and thin parts can be water jet profiled

Small, thin and fiddly parts can be cut

steel gear wheel water jet cut displaying large parts being profiled

Big parts can be cut like this gear wheel

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Safire waterjet

Safire Water jet specialists offer the precision water jet cutting of virtually any material. The accuracy in cut is excellent and as it is an erosion process the range of materials that can be water jet cut is vast only ever limited by the materials own characteristics. Materials that can be water jet cut include metals and it’s alloys: stainless steel, steel, aluminium, Titanium, Inconel, spring steel, copper, brass, bronze, armour plate, ceramics, porcelain, glass, glass mirror, fused glass, concrete, natural stone, plastics, pvc, acrylic, rubber, polyurethane, tufnol, G10 laminate, Fr4 laminate, high density polyethylene, polypropylene, acetal, HDPE, phenolic resin, plywood, mdf, hardboard, lino, foam, carbon fibre, felt, felt fur, ferrite, polystyrene and much more. Mixed materials of various thicknesses and qualities including reflective, fragile, soft, hard materials and even hardened tool steels can be cut without effecting the hardness and as water jet cutting is a cold cutting process there is no heat affected zone (HAZ) which means there is no change to the materials structure or form.

Safire Water jet facilities & abilities

Safire is an engineering company based in Southampton offering to design and build projects for you from simple parts and repairs to full design and build from concept to completion, Because we are engineers we adopt an engineering mindset with our waterjet cutting specialist facilities, so you can be assured of your project being thought about, handled and processed with the care and attention of engineers. We are specialist’s and experts in a range of abilities and good at what we do. Please have a look at out main website for more details:

Safire Water jet offer you specialist and highly accurate water jet cutting of material up to 2.40 meters long x 1.20 meters wide at high levels of thickness using the latest computer technology to control our water jet cutting machines. We can also use our special Dynamic water jet cutting head which enables us to offer a straighter cut on the edge, virtually eliminating taper which is very common with other processes. We use an extremely powerful job nesting program, which has a range of features to assist in water jet profiling parts, resulting in both a time and cost efficient process.

We also have extensive cad and design facilities including both 2d and 3d abilities and facilities.

Please Contact us to discuss your project requirements.

Waterjet cutting explained:

So what is water jet cutting? How does water jet cutting work? Is waterjet cutting accurate?
If your not sure or want to know more about waterjet cutting we have created a page with information about waterjet cutting and the process please follow this link:

Water jet explained in detail by Safire water jet

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