Water jet cut design for a ring makers jig design overview

Ring makers jig design overview...

Ring jig design overview:

This case study is an example of how we can tailor a project to suit the water jet cutting process, offering a much more cost effective production. Shown here, a design manufactured for a client who produces bespoke jewellery. The client wanted a custom made tool to assist in making rings. After an initial design brief, we produced a 3d cad design and presented it in a 3d rendered view so the client could visualise the product prior to the making process. To respond to the design brief, we ensured the jig was quick and easy to assemble, able to adapt to a variety of sizes and to complete various tasks.

Water jet cut design for a ring makers jig 3d cad design

Ring makers jig 3d cad design...

The 3D cad design:

The original design which we presented to our client in response to his design brief. It was created in a 3D cad software design package, we then used the cad design to export the files for our water jet machine to cut.

Using our design process we can design the product in a 3d environment making sure all the parts will fit and go together properly before we cut any material, we also get all our workshop data from the design.

Water jet cut design for a ring makers jig waterjet cut parts

Water jet cut parts for a ring makers jig...

Water jet cut parts:

This design benefited from the water jet cutting process. The entire design is cut from 2 mm steel in 7 parts, plus the 2 guide pins which were machined and tig welded into place.

Water jet cutting is a good solution for making simple jigs and fixtures from sheet and plate materials.

With the cold cutting process and with no heat affected zone and clean burr free edges we are able to produce high quality parts ready for assembly with minimal further processing required.

Water jet cut design for a ring makers jig assenbling the parts

Assembling the parts for a ring makers jig...

Assembling the parts:

The assembly starts with the spacer plate placed on the lower guide pins and the correct size disc for the ring to be worked on is placed on the threaded bolt.

Then the top plate is placed onto the guide pins and the whole assembly is held in place by the nut.

This jig was produced for a jeweller to manufacture bespoke ring designs.

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