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Safire Waterjet project gallery

We have selected some waterjet cut parts and some completed projects to hi-lite some of the wide range of work we can do with our waterjet facilities.

With our Waterjet facilities we can cut virtually any Shape in virtually any material from very thin to very thick up to 8ft x 4ft in size!
By clicking through the selections on the left on the left you can look through our project gallery which will give you a really good idea of the possibilities of what water jet cutting is capable of. You will find a wide range of cut parts displaying Safire water jet cutting abilities and services. You will find a selections of Metals, Plastics & Rubber, Composites, Glass, Small parts, Thin parts, Thick parts, Large parts and some case studies.

NOTE! : Every part you see on our website has actually been cut by us here at safire!

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© Copyright 2011 safire associates
A large sample selection of waterjet cut parts in a variety of materials

Pictured above is a small selection of sample materials which we have cut and can display by appointment only.

From the top Row 1:

19mm Aluminium plate, 9mm soft Foam, 40mm Steel, 45mm Soft wood, 6mm acrylic, 0.8mm copper, 1.5mm brass
From the top Row 2:
3.5mm Hardboard, 12mm porcelain, 18mm plywood, 1.5mm Stainless steel, 6mm alley tread plate, 10mm steel, 0.5mm stainless steel
From the top Row 3:
1.2mm Galvanised Steel, 6.5mm copper, 10mm brass, 6mm acrylic, 8mm glass feature tile, 0.9mm expanded steel mesh, 7mm ceramic tile
From the top Row 4:
3mm poly carbonate, 0.05mm Zinc foil, 6mm stainless steel, 10mm hard ceramic tile, 9mm rubber, 10mm MDF wood, 2.4mm FR4 Laminate

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