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Laser Etching & Laser Cutting

Safire Water jet is a part of Safire Associates which offer other a wide range of services and abilities and here we are highlighting our Laser  Etching / Laser Engraving and Laser Cutting services as they can compliment our water jet cut parts.

We have a small Laser Etching / Laser Engraving machine that is also capable of cutting a small range of materials.
With a work table size of  600mm x 450mm and the ability to add a rotary attachment for the etching / engraving of cylindrical objects we are able to offer a service to laser engrave / laser etch to mark or detail your parts or we can also laser cut a small range of thin and soft materials.

To find out more in detail please have a look at:

will and kate laser etched onto stainless steel plate


Laser Etching / Laser Engraving


Laser Cutting

Safire CO2 Laser Etching / Laser Engraving

What is laser etching / laser engraving?

Laser etching is a process that passes a focused laser beam onto a surface which then laser etches / laser engraves the required detail into / onto the material being laser etched.

Laser etching is a burning process and will actually burn away a layer of the material which leaves the etched effect.

Some metals can be marked as well. On some metals the heat from the laser will mark the metal but generally where possible we will use a special coating to coat the metal and then we will fuse this (with the laser) to the surface of the metal which leaves a black finish to the detail. This black finish is a very tough coating that is actually a ceramic deposit, originally developed for use by NASSA.

Stainless steel is an ideal material to use this coating on and it gets used in laboratory and harsh environments for items like laboratory equipment control panels, laboratory signs, switch markings, identification tags, plaques, memorials, signs, corporate promotional goods etc..

We use computer programs to generate the artwork or detailing and then send this to the laser engraver to enable it to etch the artwork into or onto the desired materials.

We can make any jigs required to hold the work during the process.

logo detail laser etched into cherry woodMaterials that could be Laser etched / Laser engraved:





Coated Metals (the etching will etch into the coating)






Matte Board



Mylarelectronic instrument case laser etched detail


Rubber (dependant on rubber properties)





Plastic (dependant on rubber properties)



Painted Metals (the etching process will etch into the paint)

Anodised Aluminium (the etching process will etch into the anodised layer)


Stainless Steel



Bare Metals

We can laser etch directly onto / into your parts or we can produce your parts completely by water jet cutting your parts and then detailing them after finishing with laser etchings.

Where applicable we will laser etch and then laser cut your parts. Or we can machine parts on our cnc lathe or cnc milling machine which can then be laser etched / laser engraved.

There are many areas this can be used in, please have a look at some sample work done on different materials:

fine wine hamper logo detail laser etched into cherry wood

This is a  cherry wood wine glass matt, created as a Promotional Gift for our client, the logo was laser etched into the surface along with some distressing marks and then it was laser cut to shape and size

courvoisier logo laser etched onto shaped brass base

We laser etched the logo “courvoisier” onto the brass base of this Silver and copper punch bowl, it this case we were able to remove the brass base and we machined a small jig tool to hold in place on our rotary attachment.

Pumpkin coffee matt design detail laser engraved onto polished stainless steel

A pumpkin coffee mat designed for a promotional gift, we waterjet cut the design into stainless steel, polished it and laser etched the details.

Coolkube logo laser engraved into clear acrylic

CoolKube Logo Laser Etched onto clear acrylic, this was a test piece for a production run that was laser etched onto blue, pink and clear products.

stainless steel light switches laser engraved detail

Detailing to assist in a products use.

Here some stainless steel switch covers from a hotel, they have been marked with blind open, blind closed and lights dim and lights bright.

Laser etching onto metals generally requires a special coating to be applied to the surface, this is then laser etched and fused to the surface of the metal.

waterjet cut and laser etched concrete coffee mats

As a corporate marketing gift we produced a couple of designs created for a specialist floor company, we water jet cut the shapes from pre-prepared concrete slabs which were polished on the top face, then we laser etched details into the top polished surface.

logo laser etched engraved into ceramic tile

This is a standard ceramic tile which we have laser etched a logo into.

safire company details and logo laser engraved onto stainless steel plate

This sign is a brushed stainless steel plaque that has had our contact details and logo laser etched onto the surface with a special ceramic coating.

will and kate photo laser etched onto stainless steel plate

Photos can be laser etched into / onto materials as well, Will and Kate have been etched onto a polished stainless steel plate with a special ceramic coating.

This is a good selection of materials and parts we have laser etched / laser engraved, it shows a broad range of Items that can be Laser Etched or Laser Engraved.

Please contact us with your Laser etching / Laser engraving requirements to discuss if it is possible to achieve good results on your desired materials.

We also offer detailed mechanical engravings using our software and Cnc Milling if required.

Safire CO2 Laser Cutting

Our laser machine is low powered as it is for detailed laser engraving and laser etching work but it is still capable of cutting a small range of thin materials. The laser cutting table size is 600mm x 450mm.  

Materials that could be Laser cut by us in house:







Matte Board





Rubber (dependant on rubber properties)

Wood Veneer


Plastic (dependant on rubber properties)



Please contact us with your cutting requirements to discuss the possibilities, most of the items we profile cut are water jet cut but in the case of softer materials we can sometimes achieve better results on our small laser cutting machine.

Acrylics cut very well and we cut 3mm to 4mm thick sheet acrylics into parts all the time.

laser cut acrylic case for robotic electronic project

Designed by our customer for Robotic experiments, these acrylic boxes house the electronics to robotic electronic projects. This box is made up of several parts and they all locate together making a base and lid. There are some recesses cut into the acrylic that allow nuts and bolts to be used to hold it all together.

We are able to help with designs using our 2d and 3d cad facilities if required.

variouse parts laser cut in clear acrylic

We laser cut a lot of acrylic parts for signs, trophies, electrical projects, covers, viewing hatches and for art and craft and design projects.

Laser etched photo onto acrylic then laser cut to shape

We can add laser etchings or laser engravings to your cut parts in acrylic this is a photo etched into the acrylic and then it was profile cut on with the laser cutter.

This was part of a trophy.

cherry wood laser cut after laser engraving logo detail

This is a sample of 3mm thick cherry wood that has been laser etched and then cut to shape for a promotional gift item.

Please contact us with your Laser cutting requirements that can be done on our machine. We will discuss the possibilities and formulate a quote.

Laser cut acrylic for robotic electronic cases

Laser cut Acrylic parts for robotics

Laser etched feature detail in ceramic tiles

Laser Cut and laser etched cherry wood plaque

Quick samples

Laser etched logo in ceramic tile laser etched and laser cut cherry wood Laser etched logo detail on stainless steel

Laser etched detail on stainless steel

© Copyright 2011 safire associates
© Copyright 2011 safire associates
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