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Stainless Steel Quadrant Bars water jet cut
from solid round stainless steel bar

stainless steel quadrant beading from cut solid bar

Stainless steel quadrant  Bars

These stainless steel quadrants were water jet cut on our abrasive waterjet cutting machine from a 1” diameter solid round bar, stainless steel quadrants can be used for a variety of different finishing applications. They can be used in Kitchens, offices, boats, laboratories etc..  Use them anywhere a nice clean finish or detailed design is required.

Use stainless steel quadrant like wooden beading used in window frames, counter tops or just to finish off your projects for a nice detailed finish.

stainless steel quadrant cut from a solid stainless steel bar a solid stainless steel bar split into quadrants solid stainless steel quadrant on a kitchen worktop and tiled wall

Stainless steel quadrant Trim for kitchen work tops or bathrooms

You could use Stainless steel quadrants in and around the home for kitchens or bathrooms to finish off where work tops and Items like baths and sinks Meet tiled walls and other surfaces.
The stainless steel quadrants you can see above are being used in a kitchen to finish off the join between the work top and tiled wall. This makes an attractive and clean finish to the kitchen side. In this case the stainless steel quadrants were attached simply by using a mastic resin to stick and seal them against the tiles and kitchen work top, we can offer to drill or machine the stainless steel quadrants in other ways for you to fix them as you require.

The stainless steel quadrants were water jet cut from a 1” solid round bar using our in house abrasive waterjet cutting machine.

Stainless steel quadrants can be used for a variety of different finishing applications, you can even use them like wooden beads used in window frames for a really stylish finish.

When cutting to length or mitering corners, the stainless steel quadrant could be cut with a hacksaw, a grinder or similar cutting methods but you will need to consider that stainless steel can be difficult to cut and difficult to cut nicely and accurately.

We can offer a machining service to cut and mitre them for you, we will need you dimensions / cutting list and we will then cut them all to length and mitre where required.
We can also offer to finish the stainless steel quadrants either by a brushed finish, a satin finish, a mirror polished finish or a bead or sand blasted finish, we will need to look at your particular application to confirm what is possible.

Stainless steel quadrant bars can also be used in Engineering projects

We can split bars in half to make half rounds or into quadrants as shown here. This could have some useful applications in engineering either for detailed finishing of projects using the stainless steel quadrant as aesthetic part or as part of your design.

We have also split bars like this for machinists to help reduce waste on exotic materials. In some exotic and expensive bar materials there is a lack of sizes in ranges available so by splitting bars down like this it is possible to actually make good use of bar stock to minimise waste, for instance a larger diameter round bar can be split into 4 quadrants and then each quadrant can be machined on a lathe or a milling machine to end up will 4 smaller bars.
This can make huge savings in scrap material on really expensive hard to get exotic materials.
We can cut bars into half rounds or quadrants up to 2400mm in length on our machine in one hit and it may be possible to cut longer lengths with a multi stage set up, but you will also need to consider the accuracy required on the job, and how bent the bar is to start off with!
The shorter the bar the more accuracy achievable we recommend a 1mtr to 1.2mtr maximum length for best accuracy.
Please contact us with your project requirements to discuss what is achievable, it may be we will need to offer a test part first for you to approve.
(Please note test parts can cost more due to the set up costs on a one off)

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