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Themed sign for Town Quay Park:

The Town Quay Park sign was designed by Anna Vickers and Water jet cut and produced by us at Safire Waterjet. The steel sign which measures around 1600mm wide x 650mm high was water jet cut from 6mm thick steel plate and has extensive detail water jet cut into it. We worked with Anna Vickers to make sure the design was represented exactly as it was meant to but also so it was able to be cut with the water jet machine profiling process as there were many thousand little lines and arcs in the design and machine program. After the water jet cutting process the steel sign was de-burred, sand blasted and powder coated black to finish it.

Metal Signs like this Themed sign for Town Quay Park often start as a simple sketch or as a digital piece of art on a computer and we need to get this into our Cad system so we can program our machines and this can sometimes be problematic as there can be many lines and arcs in the cad file, in fact there can sometimes be tens of thousands of lines and arcs. We have the software, technical know how and computer ability to create the programs from almost any format.

Shown above is the Themed sign for Town Quay Park straight after water jet cutting, the detail was water jet cut very clearly and nice and crisp also the water jet cutting process left virtually no burr. We design and manufacture all sorts of signs from simple numbers and letters water jet cut from plate materials to Special designed signs that utilise a range of materials and finishes. Why not challenge us with your design ideas?

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© Copyright 2011 safire associates
town quay park themed steel sign Town Quay Park sign intricately and detailed cut in 6mm thick steel plate