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The “Stable Stove”

The Stable Stove is a gimbal mount bracket to enable a standard Jetboil stove to be mounted into a moving Boat or vehicle and to stay as still as possible with the movement of the boat or vehicle.

This was designed by us at Safire for Charlie Martell who is attempting to break the world record by rowing across the pacific in the Pacific 2012 rowing challenge. You can read more about Charlie and his challenge below.
The brief was to manufacture a gimbal bracket that could be mounted to the angled face on the inside of Charlies rowing boat. It had to take a Jetboil Stove so that it was held as level as possible with the movement of the boat, It needed to be a quick and easy tool less job to change the cooker or gas bottle when required, Charlie was expecting to go through a few cookers and gas bottles on his travels. It also had to look good in his boat.You can see the final design process and the finished item on this page both with pictures and videos.
“The Stable Stove” was born
These are made to order and can be adapted for any situation If you would like one made to order for you please contact us.

Charlie martell pacific 2012Charlie Martell and the Pacific 2012 Challenge.

The Stable Stove was designed by Adrian at Safire for Charlie Martel who is attempting to break the world record by rowing 6000 miles across the pacific in the Pacific 2012 rowing challenge that  Charlie is undertaking in 2012, where he is going for the challenge of rowing across the pacific single handed without support or additional supplies. Charlie will be taking everything he needs with him for his journey.

Charlie a double Guinness record holder is attempting his third world record by rowing from Japan to the USA and attempting to be the first and fastest solo Briton to achieve this. He is doing this for his two charities “Give them a sporting chance” and “Toe in the water”

Charlie is a mine action specialist in the British military serving in Iraq, Bosnia and northern Ireland.With his regimental and military skills should be able to endure this tough challenge ahead of him

If you would like to see more about Charlie and his challenge please see
Pacific 2012
or to donate to his charities for his efforts. Good Luck Charlie.

A one off design from concept to completion:
The Stable Stove

The “Stable Stove”

This was designed By Adrian at Safire in 3d cad, then it was simulated in the 3d cad environment so that we were sure it would work in gravity as intended. Then all the workshop digital data and cad flat patterns were produced. We then waterjet cut all the profiles from 316 grade stainless steel, machined all the parts, folded and formed all the parts, final polished and assembled.
This is a high risk type of job as there is an enormous amount of man hours, material and effort that goes into a job like this prior to forming and then just one set of parts are formed, each with their own tool and jig setups and data to work to. One error & we need to start over!!

the stove stay finished marine gimbal bracket gimbal bracket initial sketch concept

The concept rough sketch

The Finished Stable Stove

This is a brief simulation in our 3d cad software of the way gravity has an effect on the design, this enables us to be sure it should behave as intended once built. The cad  software simulates the joint movement and weight in a normal gravity environment.


In this video clip, you can see how it works from initial loading of the stove into the bracket, changing of attachments on the stove and the movement of the gimbal, however it will be the bracket / vehicle or boat moving not the stove once installed.


In this video clip, you can see how it will work once the gimbal bracket is installed into the boat, for this test I bolted it to a wooden board & moved the board around by hand to show the effect. You can see how the stove wants to stay vertical.


One off’s, proto-types and special designs Made to order.....

Whilst jobs like this are difficult and expensive to do, especially as a custom made one off proto-type, you can see here how we are capable of producing very high quality ones off’s and before we start cutting material we can solve many problems in the 3d cad digital proto-typing environment. This enables us to produce one offs generally first time and also it creates all the data required in our workshops which can be used again if required. I am sure you will find our service and quality very satisfactory. See www.safire.uk.com for more information on our design side.

the stable stove gimbal bracket for a jet boil stove Buy a stable stove bracket here: Buy a stable stove bracket here:
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