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dryfast reticulated foam waterjet cut into design

76mm thick Dryfast reticulated foam water jet cut!...

This is a sample waterjet cut in 76mm dryfast reticulated foam, which is a  open-cell polyurethane foam

Foam can be intricately waterjet cut for many reasons and uses, from packaging that needs to be made to fit exactly or furniture foam cut to size and shape. We also have 3d cad abilities and facilities so could offer to produce large 3d foam shapes made in 2d sections that can be accurately fitted / glued together to produce your project.

30mm thick packaging foam water jet cut into an alien face design

30mm thick packaging foam water jet cut into an alien face design!...

We water jet cut this alien face from 30mm thick laminated foam packing material, there are 3 layers of 10mm foam laminated together prior to cutting.


Water jet cut Plastics, Rubber and foams:

We have water jet cut all sorts of plastics, rubbers and foams, to name a few: Acrylic, PVC, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, High Density polyethylene (HDPE), Delrin, Bio Plastic, Nylon, Acetal, Peek, Anti static Rubber, Hard and Soft Rubber, packaging Foam, Furniture Foam, open-cell polyurethane foam, Lino and Linoleum etc...

Cutting plastics, rubber and foams can be problematic for many cutting methods available, if  it is machined it can bind to cutters due to any heat generated by the machining process, or it can tear / rip due to the composition of the material. Some materials can be laser cut but the heat can cause issues on the edges and it can make certain plastics more brittle, Also lethal fumes can be generated.

With water jet cutting, we can water jet cut plastics, rubbers and foam materials to your specification. We have cut a variety of designs and shapes and can overcome various issues like work holding and methods of cutting soft, springy, wobbly and flexible materials. We will always do test cuts first on unknown or on problematic materials.



Pvc and acrylic parts waterjet cut

Pvc and Acrylic waterjet cut parts...

The set of parts in these bags were cut from PVC and Acrylic, they were water jet cut into dumbbell test shapes for strain testing, these were all pre-treated by a laboratory for testing purposes, so they had to be handled carefully so they didn’t get damaged or contaminated. The water jet cutting process is perfect for this as it doesn’t change the material properties or contaminate the edges from the cutting process.

plastic fuel pipes waterjet cut down centre for display purposes

Plastic pipes sectionalised by water jet cutting them...

These special multi core pipes used in petro-chemical industries are fused together with a special electric fuse welding process. Our customer wanted to demonstrate both the special multi core pipes and the way in which they are fused together. We waterjet cut through the pipes sectioning them for the demonstration.

These were around 350mm out side diameter on the biggest diameter and we water jet cut right through the pipes.

Samples of plastics water jet cut in different thicknesses...

Many plastics can be water jet cut, resulting in a clean well defined cut edge.
A lot of problems with plastic processing can be due to cutters binding with the parent material due to heat, or issues from stringy swarf, or cutting tools wearing out very quickly due to the characteristics of the material being cut. With water jet cutting you can get nice clean cuts virtually burr free.

50mm thick polypropylene waterjet cut with small holes

50mm thick polypropylene

detailed feature cuts and holes waterjet cut in 40mm thick polypropylene

40mm thick polypropylene

A small square and holes waterjet cut in 25mm thick polyppropylene

25mm thick polypropylene

a small detailed part waterjet cut in 2mm thick Polypropylene

2mm thick polypropylene

very small parts watejet cut in 4mm thick acetal

4mm thick Acetal

this design of a cockerel was water jet cut in two different lino sheets and inserted together

This design of a cockerel was water jet cut in two different lino sheets and inserted together...

Both of these parts were water jet cut from 2mm thick lino / linoleum flooring the overall size is 100mm square which shows the intricate detail cut. With the ability to cut intricate designs into materials like lino / linoleum, carpet and other flooring materials means you can have detailed designs set in your floor or on your walls, for corporate branding, company logos or just simple designs to enhance your space, we can work with you from a simple design right up to a full mosaic design.





a stack of waterjet cut rubber parts from 8mm thick rubber

8mm thick black rubber gaskets waterjet cut...

A  stack of large black rubber parts water jet cut from 8mm thick anti static rubber sheet.

a rubber gasket water jet cut from 8mm thick black rubber sheet

A rubber gasket water jet cut from 8mm thick black rubber sheet...

This rubber gasket was waterjet cut from 8mm thick rubber, this part is a rubber gasket from a robotic shot blasting machine. Rubber is normally a difficult material to cut without expensive punch and die cutting tools. However, with waterjet profiling we are not held back by shape restraints or high tooling costs and with a bit of design thought we can make parts in rubber that are normally required to be moulded in expensive tooling.

In some case waterjet cutting is the only way to cut thick rubber.

rubber catch tab to join rubber parts together

Rubber interlocking tabs...

We can cut interlocking jigsaw designs for a multitude of uses like flooring mats, or as in the case of this small sample section shown on the right the interlocking tabs can be used to hold rubber designs together. The rubber tab at the top will locate into a rectangular hole similar to the holes shown in this part, it enables to tab to be pulled through and locate into place. This enables rubber structures to be made quite easily.

waterjet cut polyurethane in different hardness

A small selection of samples water jet cut from polyurethane.

This small selection of sample cuts have been water jet cut in Polyurethane, these were of different shore hardnesses. The black part is cut from a bigger block and was the hardest, the orange one we cut the rectangle shape out of the main shape you see and the yellow one is actually a cast part which is tube shaped and we cut the block on the left out with the three feature holes in. The materials all waterjet cut well.

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