Water jet cut Composite and laminated materials:
Composite materials are basically a composition of two or more materials which are laminated together, the main purpose of this is for strength but materials can also be laminated together for other reasons e.g insulation, conductivity, flexibility etc..
With modern designs many new and different materials become available and these need processing and cutting for processing. Cutting Composite and laminated materials can be very problematic in general for reasons like dangerous fumes and dust created, or the blunting of tools due to the resins and fibres used in the composition of the composite.
We have waterjet cut a large variety of different weird and wonderful composite materials, some of them are very difficult to cut, but we can adopt techniques we have learnt to hold and process difficult to cut materials such as composite materials.

We have waterjet cut: Carbon fibre, Fr4 laminate, G10 Laminate, Tufnol, phenolic sheet, Laminate for sign making, veneer laminate for furniture making, laminated woods, plywood, medium density fibre board MDF, High density polyethylene HDPE and more.
Please have a look at some of the samples we have cut below.

Laminated Safety Mirror  

A shark water jet cut in laminated safty mirror

Crack and Fire resistant laminated safety mirror...

Used a lot in the Luxury Yacht and boat building industry, this Laminated mirror sheet is designed to move and flex with the boat in demanding seas, it is a triple layered material with a mirror surface on the top. We waterjet cut this shark design sample to demonstrate how it can be intricately waterjet cut, the shark is approximately 100 mm long.

With the increase in High quality luxury boats being built and very elaborate designs being used, the ability to have your intricate designs and parts produced via waterjet cutting is a bonus.

This bike was waterjet cut from 4mm thick carbon fibre sheet...

Water jet cut from 4mm thick carbon fibre sheet this bike design shows our ability to water jet cut through and detail cutting of carbon fibre sheet.

Carbon Fibre sheet is a difficult material to process due to its laminated form but it is able to be cut very accurately with water jet cutting. Carbon Fibre can delaminate in the water jet cutting process and we have adopted techniques to over come a lot of these problems, we have cut many designs and even carbon fibre sheet as thin as 0.6mm.

Carbon Fibre

soap and co logo water jet cut from thin laminate sheet

Soap and co logo water jet cut from thin laminate sheet...

“Soap & Co” Signage produced for a sign company. Laminated material is very difficult to cut as it can de-laminate and is very thin and brittle,the finished job is shown here taped to cardboard as it was very fiddly and fragile. The overall size of this was approximately 450mm wide x 170mm high with some very thin delicate sections (the laminate is a small as 2mm wide in some sections).

We have the ability to think through the potential problems to perform the best cut we can in your materials.


a small puzzle water jet cut in 18mm thick plywood

A small puzzle water jet cut in 18mm thick plywood...

A small jigsaw puzzle cut from 18mm thick plywood. We have cut each individual piece so that they fit tightly together accurately, we water jet cut different plywoods, Mdf and other wood based materials.

Water jet is a good method to cut wooden sheets as the jet is only approximately 1.2mm diameter which means very tight and intricate designs can be cut that would other wise be difficult to do in wood.

complete sport sailing boat kit cut into gaboon ply wood

This set of pictures show a complete kit we waterjet cut for a sport sailing boat, my customer has designed this boat in 3d cad and requested it to be waterjet cut from 4mm thick gaboon plywood, there were 5 sheets of plywood water jet cut, each picture shows a full 8ft x 4ft sheet cut into parts, these parts will be assembled to create the boat. The boat is actually much longer than 8ft and is water jet cut in several sections. My customer will be bonding is all together to make up the full length of the boat. Water jet cutting was the perfect answer to cut the very narrow sections and the detail required for the joins.

Name waterjet cut into 18mm thick birch ply

The higher the quality the plywood the better it water jet cuts. “Mik” was cut into 18mm Birch plywood and cut very very well. On the lower cost plywood's they can delaminate more when we pierce the start hole into the plywood, although we do have some tricks up our sleeves. “Mik” was cut into a high quality plywood, you can see the tight curves and holes we waterjet cut.


Mdf buck jig waterjet cut in 25mm thick medium density fibre board

Buck Jig waterjet cut interlocking Mdf Parts...

MDF or Medium Density Fibre board is used along with ply wood for low cost jigs, fixtures and tooling. This simple jig was designed in 3d cad so that it could clip together for assembly.

We waterjet cut all the parts from a 25mm thick mdy sheet.

With our 3d cad facilities we can design quite complex structure for your projects.

MDF Wood

letters cut in hardboard with waterjet cutting

Hardboard Wood Parts...

This letter G is part of a set of letters waterjet cut from 4mm hardboard, hard board waterjet cuts very well and is a low cost board that can be used for templates and jigs.

We can design templates and jigs for you, even really large jigs and templates for setting out large scale projects accurately, for an instance if you wanted to set out a load of posts accurately in the ground, we could design a large jig out of many sheets that plug together like a jigsaw puzzle and when assembled the post holes will be set out accurately for you to either mark off or dig directly from the jig.

Email us you plans to see if we can assist.

Hardboard Wood

G10 laminate part cut from sheet with water jet cuttingFR4 laminate part waterjet cut from sheet

Glass reinforced epoxy laminate water jet cut into small parts...

Shown on the left is a G10 grade glass reinforced epoxy laminate and on the right is an Fr4 grade glass reinforced epoxy laminate, they are very similar materials and are brittle. They can be very problematic to cut and machine.We have adopted techniques that enables us to achieve great results in water jet cutting of  G10 and Fr4 grade glass reinforced epoxy laminates. Both these parts are very small, the G10 laminate we water jet cut on the left is approximately 25mm wide and on the right  we water jet cut this Fr4 laminate to demonstrate the process the holes arrayed in this part go from 6mm diameter down to approximately 1mm diameter, please note small grouped holes like this can be very difficult to do and there can be a wastage factor to consider. Please contact us with your requirement and we will come back to you with the possibilities that we can offer in water jet cutting your glass reinforced laminate parts.

Glass reinforced epoxy laminate

Tufnol phenolic resin fibre board intricately cut part with waterjet cutting

A small part Waterjet cut from Tufnol Phenolic Resin sheet...

This jigsaw part was waterjet cut as a sample cut in 8mm thick Etronite IR phenolic sheet, this is an alternative to a Tufnol sheet. We have waterjet cut parts in different manufacturers phenolic sheets and they are all generally similar. The material is made up of many layers of a paper type sheet, compacted and resined together to make the final product.

Waterjet cutting is a great way to produce intricate parts in the phenolic sheet.

It can be a difficult material to waterjet cut because of the many layers but we can get round may issues in processing this material with waterjet cutting.

Contact us by email to discuss your project and requirements and we can look at the possibilities in waterjet cutting  your parts.

Tufnol Phenolic Resin Material

high density polyethylene HDPE detailed cut into a part

An intricate part cut from High Density Polyethylene Sheet HDPE...

This thick jigsaw part is approximately 40mm x 40mm and was waterjet cut from High Density Polyethylene HDPE sheet.

High Density Polyethylene is used for a variety of engineering Tasks and also used as a ballistics material.

It is a laminated material that is difficult to cut, and waterjet cutting is definitely the answer to producing accurate parts in this material.

High Density Polyethylene HDPE

Pyrite tile waterjet cut into a precise shape

A decorative feature waterjet cut into pyrite & marble...

This is part of a decorative inlay, that was a feature detail inlaid into  the top of a very high quality boardroom table.

We were commissioned to waterjet cut the pyrite tiles and interlocking brass rings as well.

You can see the layers here, the base was natural Marble then the pyrite shards were set in a black resin on the top. The top face was then ground and polished. We received the tile and had to be very careful as it is very expensive. It was a difficult job as it was a very crumbly composition, however we delivered very accurate parts.

Pyrite Resined to Marble backing

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this bike was cut from 4mm thick carbon fibre sheet Logo water jet cut in thin carbon fibre sheet Close up water jet cut carbon fibre sheet

Roger Logo waterjet cut from 0.9 mm thick carbon fibre sheet...

We water jet cut this Logo part from 0.9mm thick carbon fibre sheet, the Word “Roger” was cut from a hand sketch supplied to us and we created the Computer files required to perform the cuts in the thin Carbon Fibre Sheet.

Water jet cutting Carbon Fibre Can be very problematic due to the nature of the laminated material also the quality of the initial carbon fibre sheet. If there are any air pockets or imperfections this can effect the cut part, the carbon fibre sheet can delaminate especially when the water jet initially pierces through the carbon fibre material. We have adopted techniques to get really good results a lot of the time when cutting or piercing carbon fibre sheet. You will see that in the Case of this logo design the whole word is arranged so that there are no holes to cut and the whole word / logo cut in carbon fibre is done in one continuous cut, resulting in a really nice logo waterjet cut into 0.9mm thick carbon fibre sheet.

We are able to design and produce any jigs or tools required to do initial proto-type work to find ways of achieving your project or designs in Carbon Fibre sheet material.

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