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In our case Study section you can find some examples of projects that were made possible with our waterjet cutting process and using our engineering and design abilities. we have created a small brief displaying the process that was involved, these combine with our other services at Safire

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© Copyright 2011 safire associates
safire waterjet case study on a scientific glass beaker stir breaking device

Case Study: Scientific glass beaker stir breaker device
In this case study our client came to us with an idea to provide a solution to their specific problem for a stir breaking device. We took in their brief and came up with a much better solution by using waterjet cut parts which we then fabricated into the finished item. Click on the thumbnail to find out more....

Case study: Pyrite & Brass Vice.
We produced this one off custom made Front vice plate for our customer that manufactures bespoke high quality Furniture. It was part of a display piece they manufactured for their showroom and for use on their display stands at shows. You will see a sample of high quality work produced by safire.

pyrite inlaid brass vice case study

Case study: Ring makers jig.  A specialist ring maker / jeweller came to us with instructions to make a customised jig for him to manufacture his range of rings with.
We discussed his requirements and came up with the design, we then waterjet cut the parts from steel and fabricated the finished item.

safire waterjet case study on water jet cutting a design for a ring makers jig

Case study: The Stable Stove.
The Stable stove was conceived to solve a problem with cooking at sea, designed by Adrian at Safire for Charlie Martell  for his world record attempt to row 6000 miles across the Pacific in 2012. This is a good case study of a full design and build which utilises the waterjet cutting process in our quest to create a high quality one off working proto-type.

the stable stove gimbal bracket case study

Case study: Stainless steel quadrant cut from solid bar.
This case study high lights our ability to waterjet cut solid round bars into sections.
You will see samples of a 1” diameter solid round stainless steel bar cut into quadrants, these were used on a kitchen work top where it meets the tiles but there are many other uses for Stainless steel quadrants from decorative to engineering used.

stainless steel quadrant section case study

Case study: Lake Ellsworth Antarctica.
In December 2012 a team of British scientists and engineers bore a hole in to the ice at Lake Ellsworth using a specially designed hot water drill to get to an ancient lake 3km down, we produced some parts in Titanium, aluminium and PVC for them, used on the drilling head and sampling probe that will be used to sample water and sediment.

Lake Ellsworth Antarctica case study

Case study: Bespoke Signs and logos.
We design, machine, fabricate and manufacture high quality bespoke signs and logo displays. Some are free standing or wall / surface mountable and others are inlaid into other surfaces, this case study hi lights some of the designs and projects we have worked on or been involved with.

tag heuer logo case study

Case study: Aluminium manifold and plenum chamber adaption.
Displaying a few of our in house abilities, this case study is about a car enthusiasts project to modify his engine air in-take manifold and plenum chamber.
Our customer came to us as his skills and facilities were limited to perform the work but we were able to satisfy his needs for this project.

engine manifold adaption case study