Water jet cut odd materials:
With our waterjet cutting facilities, we can waterjet cut virtually any material to virtually any two dimensional shape up to 2440mm x 1220mm and to thicknesses up to and beyond 180mm thick.

On this page we have selected some materials that won’t fit in other sections on this website as they are quite unique and individual.

We can cut Felt, Fur felt, polystyrene, Ferrite discs to name a few. Some of these items can work out quite expensive to cut due to special setups of the water jet cutting machine and work holding, however sometimes odd materials come in very useful when thinking outside the box in engineering so the cost can be offset for the ability to waterjet cut odd materials with good shape and accuracy.

Although if the part quantity is big enough, then the cost of special setups of the waterjet machine will be diluted across the batch making  waterjet cutting quite a cost effective solution.

We are happy to conduct trials and test cuts but this will be chargeable time.

Thick felt waterjet cut for a bearing oil seal

Split bearing oil washers water jet cut...

We waterjet cut these split felt washers from free issue White 11mm thick felt. They are to be used as oil filled washer seals on a large bearing system.

By using water jet cutting to produce these we were able to waterjet cut them into a perfect shape and size to fit in the bearing housing with ease, making our customers job much easier.

felt fur design shape cut for designer hats

Felt Fur water jet cut to size...

This Felt Fur is a high Grade hat material manufactured from Rabbit fur, we cut a range of special parts for a London based specialist hat manufacturer. This type of work needs special setups to the waterjet machine to enable us to cut accurately and cleanly. The jigsaw parts is 40mm x 40mm square and the holes range from 6mm down to just over 1mm.


small ferrite discs water jet cut

Ferrite discs waterjet cut...

These Ferrite discs were waterjet cut from customer supplied small rectangular plates, these are used in a special custom made electronic device.
Shown next to a pound coin to give a good sense of scale.

The discs had to be waterjet cut as the accuracy and clean cut was important to the end use of this product.


a small polystyrene part waterjet cut

polystyrene waterjet cut to size...

Polystyrene can be waterjet cut to acurite size and shapes, it is quite difficult to waterjet cut as it is very light and soft, but we are able to do it with some special setups.

Although it is quite hard to see there is an array of holes in this sample parts as well.


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© Copyright 2011 safire associates
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