Waterjet Cut Small,Thin, Thick and Large Parts

We can cut a huge variety of parts and shapes from virtually any material to virtually any 2d shape up to 2440mm x 1220mm in size and thickness to 180mm and more in some cases.

This is the standard cutting sizes of our machine but our machine bed is bigger than this and with some thought and careful planning it is possible to cut bigger parts or we can offer to split parts so that they can be re-joined afterwards.

We are also good at cutting small and thin parts and you will see samples in our web pages of parts we have cut in all sorts of sizes and shapes..

To Give you an idea of our profiling capabilities & possibilities we have got a brief insight to the range of parts possible with our waterjet cutting facilities. The parts shown here were all cut on our waterjet machine by us here in Southampton, England.

a selection of small thin parts water jet cut

Small and thin parts water jet cut by us...

Shown on the left top is a collection of parts ranging in thickness from 0.05 mm thick shim and 0.1mm thick copper to 1.2 mm thick brass and aluminium.

Small and thin parts can be very tricky to cut using high pressure water jet or other processes like laser, we have found ways to do this and these are a good demonstration of very small and thin parts that can be cut. Shown together with a £1 coin in the centre to give a sense of scale.

Small and thin parts

large gear cog wheel waterjet cut from steel plate

Large sized parts water jet cut...

We have a 2 ton fork lift and can cut up to 2440mm x 1220mm

In one bit, although we do have tricks to enable us to go slightly over this size sometimes.

On the right is a large 1.2 mtr diameter gear wheel we cut

from 8mm thick steel Plate, This was part of a set of old worn drive gears brought to us. We had no drawings to go by, we replicated an old rusty worn  One.

Large parts

Thick parts water jet cut...

On the left is a part to be used in a specialist car restoration project cut from 40mm thick Bright Mild Steel And is shown with a 150mm rule to give a sense of scale.

Our machine is capable of cutting up to 180mm thickness as a standard height and in some cases we can go thicker.

With our dynamic head we can offer straighter cuts.

Our dynamic head is controlled by the computer on an articulated wrist, when we have this in use the computer tilts the jet to compensate for angular edges giving you a better more accurate part.

Thick parts

A £1 coin for scale
© Copyright 2011 safire associates
© Copyright 2011 safire associates
40mm-thick-steel-precision-cut-with-waterjet.jpeg thick EN24T steel bar cut with water jet

Thick En24t Steel core water jet cut from block...

On the right is a Steel block in hard EN24T, we cut the core out for a customer. The block is 120mm long and this can be seen with the 150mm steel rule placed by it’s side. We water jet cut  this core out using our dynamic cutting head to keep the cut as straight as possible. We have to calibrate the machine to offer the best quality and more accurate cuts.

EN24T steel is very hard but we cut through it with ease with our abrasive water jet and without effecting the state of the materials hardness.

This is a good demonstration of how we can cut thick and hard metals.

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