Water jet cut Stone, Ceramics & Glass materials:
Natural Stone, Rock, Ceramics, Porcelain, Granite, Marble, Slate, Pyrite, Concrete, Glass can all be waterjet cut to size and shape with waterjet cutting. And the waterjet process leaves a clean accurate cut to the waterjet cut edges, even though these materials can be very brittle in most cases they still cut very well.
Some of these natural Materials can be difficult to cut due to their brittle nature, or the natural flaws in the material or the stress within the material. We will always cut your supplied materials at 100% your risk but we are very careful and good at what we do so you can be assured we offer a quality service and we are trusted to cut very expensive items.

Selected here is a few examples of Stone, ceramics, glass, mirror, fused glass etc.. Showing the possibilities and detail waterjet cutting and Safire can offer. Also with our engineering and design abilities we can offer a lot more than just cutting:
with our 2d and 3d cad abilities we can offer to design for you, wether it is a simple geometric pattern design running across the floor and up the wall, A wet room floor that needs accurate lines and joins or a design but retaining the run on the floor for drainage, a complete mosaic design for your floor, walls or both, or perhaps you would like your company logo, a feature or some scripture embedding in the floor or wall.
Contact us with your designs and ideas.

flower shapes waterjet cut in glass mirrorsmall holes cut into glass mirror

Glass Mirror water jet cut to shape...

We can waterjet cut Glass Mirror to almost any shape, the picture on the left is an artistic mirror created by Brenda Birkby a mirror artist who designs really nice large wall art mirrors, we were asked to waterjet cut the four flower shaped mirrors and brenda did the rest from hand painted wood.

The picture on the right is a 35mm x 35mm square mirror with 4 holes cut in, the smallest hole is 3.5mm in diameter.  Mirrors can be an issue as the silver backing can come off with the process, but we take the up most care in trying to achieve your design, we can take preventive measure to really minimise issues which creates a far better quality cut, however this adds to time and consumables which adds to cost, but it will mean a better higher quality part. Please contact us by email to discuss your project.


Glass Mirror

very thick natural stone waterjet cut logoFeature script text waterjet cut right through to the back of this natual stone rock

Text water jet cut right through thick stone...

This piece of stone is up to 130mm thick in places and shows our ability to water jet cut a natural stone and rock, that is a layered material with a very uneven surface.

The top picture shows the waterjet cut word “STONE” which goes right the way through, the bottom picture shows the back, you can see we have cut right the way through and also how uneven the surface is.

This can be very difficult to do due to the natural stone having flaws and cracks but the results can look fantastic. This process can be used in many ways ranging from signage, house names, company logos, water features and garden features.

We can cut stones into two dimensional shapes and forms that can then be assembled to create a bigger design or sculpture. Or as in this case detail can be added for the perfect design.

This stone looked beautiful with it’s natural appearance and the iron elements oxidising with a crisp and clean word cut right through it. Very interesting designs can be produced for special commissions, why not utilise our design and engineering services to create your special project!

pebble stones from a beach waterjet cut with holes through

Pebbles and stones water jet cut for sensors...

We were asked to water jet cut holes through some sample stones / pebbles that were collected from a beach.

Once the holes were water jet cut, electronic sensors were set inside with a chemical resin and then the stones were thrown back on the beach so they could be tracked by computers.

The project was to monitor coastal movements to see how the coast is eroding.

Water jet cutting natural organic items can be difficult as there are many unknowns about the material, you can see in the holes on these that the stone changes colour on the inside of the pebble, in many cases they are very hard on the inside and quite soft on the outside. Water jet cutting is a good solution for this type of project, you can see on the top left hand side pebble we have cut holes through the top and sides.

A nice smooth hole is cut which is good for the wires and electronics that were put inside.

precision waterjet cut concrete jigsaw shape

Concrete water jet cut for company samples...

We can waterjet cut right through concrete, and we can waterjet cut accurate and intricate parts and designs.

This job was to water jet cut some pre-cast and polished concrete blocks that were prepared by our customer.

We cut them into Coffee mat samples for them to give out as corporate company gifts that were a bit different.

It pays to do something a bit different as the person or company that receives the corporate gift will tend to keep it and remember the gift and more importantly remember the company that gave it to them.

Concrete waterjet cuts very well even though it is full of different materials which are all a different hardness.This Jigsaw piece was waterjet cut into 50mm thick concrete and it measure approximately 40mm x 40mm.

Natural Stone


la pergola logo insert design water jet cut in porcelain and ceramic tiles

La pergola logo water jet cut into Porcelain floor tiles...

Pictured here, the logo of a local restaurant "La Pergola" in Lyndhurst, Southampton . The logos were waterjet cut into ceramic tiles to be laid on the floor at the entrance to the restaurant. The design was waterjet  cut across three tiles with a different colour porcelain tile inserted resulting in a very effective look.

Business logos, corporate identification, welcoming signs, home names, this type of feature makes a great welcoming entrance to your business or if you can have your home name waterjet cut and set in the floor or wall.

We can work from prepared artwork, cad drawings, sketches or templates. Try us for simple designs to full mosaics, why not challenge us with your design.

a small detailed bear waterjet cut from 7mm thick ceramic tileA small detailed bear waterjet cut from 7mm thick ceramic tile...

This bear was water jet cut from a standard 7mm thick ceramic tile. The slits that detail the legs, eyes and mouth are approximately only 1mm wide and it shows the intricate detail achievable in standard ceramic tiles. This detailing can be used for creating scenes in walls or floors for mosaics, Logos, corporate identification or even interior design. You can really enhance a room or an area using ceramic tiles water jet cut into intricate designs that can be inserted together to create a large mosaic design.

Aluminium text water jet cut and inserted into ceramic ceramic tiles waterjet cut design with polished aluminum inserted which has also been water jet cut tiles...

With some imagination and design, you can mix and match materials to create a stunning design for your project. Shown in this picture is some text cut water jet cut from aluminium sheet which is then polished and inserted into a ceramic tile which has also been water jet cut to tight tolerances.

The design feature enables you to insert company logos, design features, text and silhouette images. We can also offer other other services to enhance your designs, with our cnc machining we can offer mechanical engraving on the metal elements which can add real detail to the work, or we can laser engrave a variety of materials with your designs.

Company logos can be used in products designed as business gifts or corporate gifts / hand outs for your marketing work.

In all we can offer a high level of design to your project.

General shapes water jet cut in tilesGeneral shapes water jet cut in tiles...

You can come to us with dimensions, a template, a jig or rough sketch and we can work with these to generate the programs for the water jet machining process. Shown here is a customer’s set of templates on A4 paper and the finished cut tiles that follow the contour of their bathroom shower. They simply placed A4 paper (which was sticky taped together to make a big sheet) on the floor under the bath surround and then drew round the surround onto the paper and marked off the tile locations on the paper. Equally you could just mark of the curve straight on the tile. We then cut as close as possible to the template shape.

If you have multiple rooms all the same design we can then re-use the set ups and programs to cut them all at the same time saving you money. We will mark the tiles so you know where they go once cut. The more accurate the information you give us the easier it is to program and the better it will fit when you get them back.

Features water jet cut into tilesdiamond features water jet cut into tiles

Features water jet cut into tiles...

You can create simple but stunning, unique designs by selecting standard blank ceramic or porcelain tiles and some feature tiles (available at most DIY centres or tile outlets). We can then make them fit together seamlessly by water jet cutting the design into the ceramic or porcelain tiles. The picture on the left shows a standard porcelain tile with a stone diamond feature set in a linier pattern. The next picture is the same style stone diamond feature but by using the diamonds grouped together another design is created, you can either create borders or alternating designs. By using these methods you can have a really nice design by using lower cost tiles to start with and make a personal stamp on your design that no one else will have.

Whilst this is showing quite a simple feature  we can also offer high levels of design and help you to incorporate different materials or features like light or electrical fittings, led lighting, fibre optic lighting, Your designs are only held back by imagination (and budget).

Holes water jet cut into tilesHoles water jet cut into tiles...

Cutting holes in tiles can be incredibly difficult. However, with our water jet cutting facilities almost any size and shape hole can be cut, allowing you to fit your tiles over pipes and fittings with ease for that perfect finish! Just mark where you want the hole and give us the shape and dimensions.

The picture shows a 20mm hole hole water jet cut right through a standard ceramic tile for a shower water pipe  to come through.

In this case our customer stuck some masking tape on the tile and marked a centre point with pen for us to use as a centre datum. This could also be used for setting electrical sockets or light switch fittings into the wall or floor.

We also have the facilities in house to machine stainless steel fittings should you want to have a nice finished edge to the hole, please enquire via our contact form for any information.

pole dancer feature waterjet cut into a ceramic porcelain tile

Detailed Features water jet cut into tiles...

This pole dancing scene has been waterjet cut into a standard ceramic tile. It measures 65mm diameter and the hole at the top is only 4.5mm diameter.

This demonstrates our ability to waterjet cut fine detail into a standard ceramic tile.

inlay of brass and pyrite tile into wood

Quality Inlays waterjet cut with pyrite tiles and brass...

Pyrite tiles are specially made to order and are a composition of a marble base then shards of pyrite (Fools Gold!) Resined to the marble base. The top face is then ground and polished and looks absolutely stunning. These are generally made and imported from India.

When we received them they are very very expensive and we waterjet cut them at 100% the customer risk due to the risky nature of the composition and the natural crumbly state of the pyrite.

We are trusted by many customers to handle, waterjet cut and work on their products and materials, issues do happen on some rare occasions and can’t be helped but you can be assure your project is in the safest hands to start with.

Ceramics & Porcelains

a glass jigsaw piece cut from laminated glassGlass parts precision water jet cut

Glass parts precision water jet cut...

So How do you cut or drill a hole in glass? Can glass be cut even though it is very brittle?

Glass can be cut to tight tolerances and intricate designs, generally the water jet cut edge has a frosted / sand blasted appearance but this could be finely finished with abrasives by other company's or even by your own methods and brought up to a polished finish.

In a lot of situations glass will be embedded into something else so the edge appearance is not an issue.

In the picture on the right is a part that has been water jet cut from 6mm thick laminated glass and we have cut a hole right through for a fitting to be mounted to it. The picture on the left is also cut from 6mm laminated glass and is only 40mm x 40mm square showing an intricate cut.

We can cut glass to shapes to suit your designs or we can create the designs for you, we can water jet cut from simple parts and shapes to full mosaic or leaded window designs.

Why not challenge us to your design?

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multi coloured laminated fused glass cut         Fused glass jigsaw piece water jet cut

Fused Glass:  socket holes, designs and shapes cut with water jet ...

We can waterjet cut Fused Glass! Fused glass is made in lots of designs and artistically sculptured ways.
Fused glass can be difficult to water jet cut as it is a combination of materials. Generally fused glass is made up of layers of similar or exactly the same glass base material which are then fused together to create one finished fused glass shape, but in some cases glass designers / glass artists do include other materials into the fusing process to create nice designs and wonderful sculptural art and In some cases the fused glass process creates bubbles and air pockets in the design. Due to the laminated nature of the design waterjet can have problems but we are very good problem solvers and if it can be cut we will be able to cut it. Shown above are a couple of small parts cut from 7mm thick fused glass sheet, the jigsaw piece was approx 40mm square.

Fused Glass

Fused glass kitchen splash back with electrical socket holes water jet cut multiple electrical socket holes waterjet cut in fused glass kitchen splashback

Fused Glass splash backs with socket holes cut through with water jet ...

Pictured above we waterjet cut these finished fused Glass panel splash backs so they can fit over electrical sockets that were already installed, our client supplied us with the finished fused glass splash back panels and the cutting information and we waterjet cut the holes for the electrical sockets. The Splash back panels were made to the correct size and shape in the glass fusing process so we had to jig up and cut the socket holes as required.

We are able to cut virtually and 2d shape with our water jet cutting process so you could have a variety of parts and designs cut that could be incorporated into your fused glass designs, Also with our 2d and 3d cad facilities and abilities we are able to help you with the design process. This would be useful to you if you want to build a complex 3d effect within your fused glass design by using layers of mosaic designs.
Contact us to discuss your project!

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