Custom made stencils designed and made to any size​

We can make custom made stencils to any size, this can include extra large paint stencils for use in car parks, factory floors, product cases, boxes or crate marking.

stencils are great for logo and branding marking where ever you need.

We can design and make them to virtually any design or size.

Stencils can be made in many materials the most common being polypropylene or metals for more durability.
If used carefully and with some thought they can be used multiple times. please read on for more information on using them.

Sets of stencil's to any size to suit your project

set of metal Stencils for a project

This set of stencils made in a 2mm aluminum which is nice and durable, was for a customer marking out a factory floor for good organization in their factory, they were to make up the following areas:


As well as the numbers 0 to 9 for marking the relevant bays and areas.
By having one of each letter they could use them multiple times meaning a saving in cost, once this job was done they had the stencils in stock for other future jobs, all they need to do is re-arrange them to suit the job in hand.

Floor logos using custom made stencil kits

TCR company logo installed with yellow paint

A large logo stencil for TCR entrance bays, the stencil was 2200mm x 900mm in size and made in galvanized steel.
Our customer used them to lay down the resin floor paint in a yellow color to mark their logos on the floor.

TCR company logo stencil in steel

With the stencil at 2200mm x 900mm we also made a simple crate so it could be sent to them but also for storage after the job was done. The main rectangle was laid on the floor in position first then the 3 internal discs were put in place, then using some custom made spacers the internal discs could be centered perfectly on centre in the recesses.
The spacers we designed for setting the discs on centre are shown in the picture below.

TCR Logo setting plates

Parking bay numbering and detailing stencils

disabled car park bay stencil sign

This car park had a new resin floor laid. The parking bays needed marking out with bay numbers and detailing with disabled signs.

Disabled emblem large floor paint stencil

The disabled sign was cut in polypropylene and made in 6 panels making it easier to carry around and store.
Each panel was numbered so they could be assembled in the right order.

Once assembled the disabled logo measured 1200mm x 1000mm in size.

0 to 9 large stencil kit

The set of numbers 0 to 9 were also cut in polypropylene and were 400mm high numbers with the outside plate being 500mm high.
We can make virtually any size stencil and can use different fonts, but when designing we do need to design in and add tabs to hold the inner parts of the letters in place which needs careful thought and design.

Large disabled car park bay stencil sign

Shown above is a collection of 4 pictures showing several markings made with this kit of stencils, making the car parking bays clearly marked and nice looking.

Speed restriction logo marking stencils

5mph speed restriction stencil

This 5 mph speed restriction template was designed and cut in steel sheet.

The main outside diameter of the circle is 1200mm.

Shown below is one of the finished markings on a resin floor and painted by our customer with a yellow resin finish

5mph speed sign logo stencil

Extra large stencils for a multi story car park

Cad layout for extra large carpark stencils

This stencil set was designed and cut for a project in a multi story carpark. They required 1 off Disable stencil measuring 1480mm high and 1 off Arrow measuring 4000mm long x 500mm high.

We designed the parts so they could be broken down and also created a simple wooden crate for delivery and storage after the job was done.
The cad sketch above shows the design details, you can see it was designed to be broken into three parts.

The 4000mm arrow could be easily assembled accurately onsite using the connections we designed allowing the parts to clip together

Shown above and below are a couple of the painted arrows in the multi story carpark created using the 4mt long stencil.

extra large direction arrow stencil for carpark
carpark disabled bay stencil markings

Shown above are some of the Disabled parking bays in the multi story car park that have been painted using the extra large disabled logo stencil

Extra large floor marking warning stencils and logos

Extra large warning stencil “NO ENTRY”
This was 5.6mtrs wide x 1.1mtr high cut in metal.
We designed it to break down in three parts that clipped together to re-assemble on site as can be seen in the cad sketch below.
We also manufactured a simple crate for transport and storage.

no entry stencil cad design

On the same project we also designed, cut and supplied the extra large walking man logo and no entry symbol as seen below.

Extra large stencils for road markings

Factory floor bay numbering and detailing stencils with application details.

bay location stencils cut in aluminum metal

This project required a load of bays to be set out and marked clearly on the floor of a large manufacturing factory.
We designed and cut the the set of stencils as seen above

Bay location stencil setting out

Our customer roughly set out the locations on the floor and placed masking tape in position ready.
They then accurately positioned the stencils where they needed them and fixed them down with masking tape on the edges of the stencils.

Floor bay location markers ready to paint

Then they used a scalpel knife to cut through the masking tape using the stencil as a guide for the knife. They removed the stencils and painted over the masking tape.
Once finished and dried they removed the tape leaving the yellow markings as can be seen below.

floor painted bay location stencil markings

Hazardous area quarantine bay marking stencil template kit

Hazardous area initial concept and design

Our customer needed to mark out some Hazardous area quarantine bays.
They sent me the orange and yellow sketch shown on the left above.
We came up with a design that would clip together to create the stencils on the floor.
Our initial concept was sketched and emailed to them (shown in the middle above) and the design followed after approval shown on the right above.
The plan being they would mask off the main area with masking tape, they would place the stencils on the masking tape and carefully cut through with a scalpel to reveal the design in the masking tape. (This is their preferred method of application.)
They first used the templates with the main outside and inside square boarder shapes and then painted the cut area in the masking tape yellow, it was a quick curing resin so it dried / set very quickly and once dried they then re-applied  masking tape to the newly painted yellow section and cut round the internal features and text and then painted this in a black resin paint.

Hazardous area clip together stencil in bits

the stencils were designed to fit together making up the full stencil template

Hazardous area clip together stencil assembled

The cad design below shows the completed stencil kit fully assembled.

Trip hazard quarantine stencil kit

Stencils can be used for all sorts of pojects like the branding ones below

gretsch drum stencil cut into steel plate

shown above is a Gretsch drum logo stencil cut into steel plate

Shown above and bellow are some simple box / crate logo branding for lady vintage, we designed the stencil using our customers supplied artwork and cut the logo design into a stencil, they used spray paint to simply mark their boxes with their branding.

crate logo marking stencil

virtually any size and design could be turned into a stencil

shown below is a small selection of 150mm high metal stencils showing the quality of our work but virtually any size is possible…


Letter B large 150mm stencil
Letter K large 150mm stencil
Number 2 large 150mm stencil
Number 6 large 150mm stencil
Number 8 large 150mm stencil

Shown below is a small selection of 300mm high metal stencils cut in polypropylene.

300mm polypropylene stencils

We can make your stencils. please email details of your project for a quote