Ferrite magnet material precision cut to size and shape

Ferrite material can be precision cut to size and shape at Safire’s Waterjet cutting facility, it is a ceramic material commonly used for magnets.
The electronics industry use ferrite material a lot and Ferrite discs, plates and parts are used as magnetic cores, microwave components and high frequency inductors etc…
We are not electronic experts that claim to know how to use ferrite parts but we are good at cutting ferrite material to size and shape for custom made projects or parts that need a precision fit.

Ferrite Plates waterjet cut into parts

These parts were waterjet cut from ferrite rectangle plates supplied to us, we cut
the main outside shape and the holes.

Ferrite Plates waterjet shown cut up close

The ferrite part above is shown close up next to a penny had holes and grooves cut
as well

Ferrite discs cut from square ferrite plates

These ferrite discs were cut out of ferrite plates that were the same width as the
diameter of the disc but slightly longer, this made them tricky to cut but we
managed to achieve the correct parts

ferrite toroidal core before waterjet cutting

Shown here is a ferrite toroid disc that needed cutting to a pair of special shapes

ferrite toroidal core waterjet cut into two precision parts

The finished two shapes parts after cutting the ferrite torroid  disc above

ferrite toroidal core disc before cutting

Another different sized ferrite torroid  disc above ready for cutting in half

ferrite toroidal core cut into 2 for electronic device

The finished cuts, showing the ferrite toriod disc  cut exactly in half.

ferrite toroidal core disc cut in half

Some more sample ferrite parts below:

ferrite plate cut into a part before and after
ferrite part before cutting and after
the cut edge of a 3mm thick ferrite part
small ferrite core part
a set of ferrite parts being packed

Ferrite can be very tricky to cut and is very delicate to handle as it is a very brittle
material, however we approach our work with care and attention and we are good
at what we do.
Why not challenge us with your ferrite parts!