Porcelain tile cut to size we cut a thin slice off porcelain tile

Porcelain tile cut to size, we cut a very thin slice off this porcelain tile.
Our customer ordered some porcelain tiles which were 597mm x 597mm but the final layout needed the tiles to be 594mm x 594mm so we were asked to waterjet cut 3mm off the end of these porcelain tiles. We set a jig for our datum stops, programed the machine and waterjet cut the 3mm off the ends.

The resulting off cut measured only 1.8mm wide but stayed in one piece as can be seen in the pictures below.
Waterjet cutting is a perfect way to cleanly cut most porcelain tiles and with waterjet cutting we can waterjet cut virtually and shape.

can porcelain tiles be cut to size yes we cut a 2mm strip off this 600mm tile
porcelain tile cutting service
porcelain tile cut to size we cut a thin slice off porcelain tile
porcelain cut tile with crisp clean edge

shown here is a close up of the off cut / cut edge, it still has some droplets of water on it from the cut but you can see the nice crisp, clean cut edge produced by the waterjet cutting process