Drilling holes in bidet with waterjet cutting

Tap holes drilled into a villeroy and boch bidet with waterjet cutting

Bidet to be cut for extra tap

the original Villeroy & Boch bidet prior to cutting the holes

A Villeroy & Boch porcelain bidet having holes drilled for extra taps

This is a Villeroy & Boch bidet with a single tap hole location. Our customer wanted an extra pair of tap holes drilled into either side of the original central hole. When it is installed they were going to put a blanking plug disc into the center hole to close off.

We were able to assist with by waterjet cutting  the holes through the porcelain bidet.

This is actually a difficult job to do as not only is the Bidet quite a large awkward 3D object but also there is a high risk that the jet will damage  the bidet behind the cut. Waterjet cutting is an erosion process and the water jet will erode anything that is in it’s path, so whilst the jet will do a good job of cutting the holes we also had to consider and deal with the jet after it cut the holes so the jet didn’t end up cutting right through the back side of the bidet.

We jigged the bidet up on our waterjet machine, set our datum’s and cut the required holes.

you can see how clean the cut was in the close up pictures of the holes drilled right through with our waterjet cutting machine.

close up of water jet cut drilled holes in bidet

two holes drilled through the porcelain bidet

close up of a hole drilled into Bidet wtih watrerjet cutting

a close up of the clean cut hole in the porcelain bidet

Bidet to be cut for extra tap

villeroy and boch bidet before cutting

Drilling holes in bidet with waterjet cutting

villeroy and boch bidet after cutting